WiMS Cloud

Truly Mobile, Dynamic Reporting, Integrated Collaboration, Awesome Dashboards

WiMS Cloud, the Latest Addition to WiMS

Your data, liberated!

For a long time the data that was most vital to running your business, to making the big decisions, was stuck on your server. It was great for processing orders but you needed more. And now Orion is proud to announce WiMS Cloud.
In Phase 1 of the cloud enablement of WiMS, all of your wholesale customer, order and product data will now be automatically synchronized with our new cloud-based application. You will be able to use it and share it in new ways. Your salespeople will be able to access it directly, helping them sell more effectively. Inside your winery you’ll be able to create your own reports, collaborate and monitor the KPI’s that you decide are important.
We here at Orion are excited about the next evolution of WiMS. WiMS has been a leader in the wine industry for 20 years and now we plan on helping you succeed for the next 20.

basic2-036 Built on Salesforce1

The Leading Cloud Platform

Salesforce1 is the leader in cloud platforms and Orion is proud to be a partner. Finding the right platform for our customers was not a decision we took lightly. There are a lot of ways for us to deliver our solutions in the cloud, but Salesforce was a clear winner. They offer the best platform to leverage our winery-specific architecture and business logic. But don’t take our word for it, Gartner has ranked them #1.

Safe & Secure

Salesforce is a leader in transparency, they create a site to easily monitor their service, giving you the confidence you need to trust your data in the cloud: trust.salesforce.com.


Salesforce handles over 1.5 billion transactions a day!


Salesforce works with customers large and small, from Coca-Cola to Carlo’s Bakery.

Powered by Salesforce1 Platform

basic1-027Truly Mobile

The WiMS Cloud has native applications on iOS and Android phones, download it from the app stores, sign in, and instantly see your sync’d data in the palm of your hand!

Use Your Data

Need to check the status of an order? See if it has shipped or maybe find out what the total price was? You can do that, either by clicking on customizable lists or using the fast system-wide search.


Do you need to get an OK for special pricing? Or send a picture of a damaged case to sales support? You can do that right from your phone with the Chatter collaboration tool. With Chatter you can collaborate with your team around the customers, orders and products that matter to you.

Be Productive

Need to follow up with a distributor? Schedule a meeting? You can create tasks and events right in the app and have them automatically associated with the customers and contacts you use.


Running late for a meeting with that important wine buyer? Do you need to call and let them know, or maybe get directions? You can do it all right from the app, directly from your customer and contact data. One tap to launch your call, start an email or bring up a map. Couldn’t be easier.

Mobile Dashboards
Mobile Dashboards
Your customers in the palm of your hand
Your customers in the palm of your hand

basic2-178 Dynamic Reporting

Your Data, Your Views

The intuitive drag & drop reporting tool will allow you to customize existing reports or create new ones and include the fields that are important to you, and get rid of the rest.

Graph It

Do you need to visually communicate how much your sales have improved? Easily add a chart or graph to any report and then you can include them on dashboards or in customized views for your phone.

Excel It

We know that any good reporting tool needs to support Excel, and every report included or created by you can easily be exported to a spreadsheet. So you’ll be more productive and waste less time copying, pasting and formatting.


Need to have a report in your inbox every morning? No problem, you can create custom reports and schedule them to be emailed to any user. Plus, with Chatter, when you have a specific question about a result on a report you can collaborate on it with your team directly.

Dynamic Drag & Drop Reporting
Dynamic Drag & Drop Reporting
Reports in Browser and Exportable
Reports in Browser and Exportable

basic2-106Integrated Collaboration

Build a Team

The built-in collaboration features of WiMS Cloud, called Chatter, not only allows you to communicated directly with your team, in a Twitter like way, it opens up all new ways to track discover and share information.

Your Data, un-Siloed

We have all gone through the painful process of sharing data, maybe it has to be in Excel or in a pdf, and then emailed, updated, renamed, etc. All to answer a basic question: has this order shipped? Has this customer been contacted? Now you can work with your data, communicate around it, all in a way that keeps it connected, relevant and efficient.

Share Files

And now you can have a central repository for all of those sales files, point of sale material, presentations, anything you like. Share, collaborate, update. All within one system.

Orion Wholesale Collaboration
Orion Wholesale Collaboration
Mobile collaboration
Mobile collaboration

basic2-295Awesome Dashboards

Your KPI’s – Real Time

One of the things we’ve learned over the years is that like every wine is different, every winery operates differently. And every winery has different needs when it comes to the metrics that matter. With WiMS Cloud you can take the data you want and craft the dashboards that will help you make better decisions and manage your sales. And always up to date.

Web Dashboard

As soon as you log in to WiMS Cloud, your dashboard will be front and center. Every user can customize what they see so you are looking at the charts and graphs that track what is important to your business.


On the go and need to track that critical number? All dashboards can be accessed on our mobile app, and from one click you drill down on the details and ask your team the questions you need answered.

In your Inbox

Prefer to wake up to the metrics that matter? Any dashboard or report can be scheduled to be emailed to you or anyone on your team, every morning, week or month.

Your KPIs, front and center
Your KPIs, front and center
Orion Wholesale Customized Dashboards
Orion Wholesale Customized Dashboards

Learn More

Watch this quick introduction to the key new features of WiMS Cloud