“We are extremely satisfied with the WiMS eCommerce platform. The solution combines the wine-industry specific features of the WiMS system with a variety of sophisticated eCommerce tools, allowing use to manage our web business like never before. We now have a true 360-degree view of our customers across all our direct-to-consumer sales channels.”

RYAN MOORE, Director, Direct-to-Consumer Sales
Ridge Vineyards

This new functionality has become part of the Orion WiMS dynamic consumer suite, providing a solution that allows winery customers the ability to make on-line purchases, obtain complete buying history and maintain their account information. The shopping cart provides flexible wine and merchandise shopping, accurate destination sales tax calculation and full compliance checking. Sales made from the Cart flow seamlessly into the Winery’s database, allowing for order fulfillment, inventory control, customer synchronization, and updates to sales history and finance.Some of the benefits of the Shopping Cart are: complete integration with the core business system; an excellent customer experience; pricing specific to the customer’s profile; purchase history availability and address verification; and the ability to relieve the burden of complicated compliance and sales tax management–it’s built into the Cart!
Shopping Cart provides a number of key features to enhance the sales process of your wine into the consumer marketplace!

  • WiMS Product and customer synchronization to the shopping cart
  • Duplicate customer checking
  • Order Integration from the shopping cart to WiMS for fulfillment, inventory control, sales history and financial control
  • “360 view” of customer’s history on the shopping car, including all purchases ever made, regardless of channel (tasting room, club, events, cart, etc.)
  • Customer information maintenance at the cart
  • Accurate Destination Sales Tax
  • Compliance checking