WiMS Sales & Distribution

Full Control from Warehouse to Distributor

WiMS Sales Management enables your winery staff to have access and control over every aspect of inventory and sales management. Where other products fall short, the Orion Sales Management application is far-reaching and thorough. This is a comprehensive application that not only captures all sales but also incorporates order processing, case goods inventory, sales reporting and accounts receivable. As with all Orion products, Sales Management can either be standalone application or integrated with other Orion programs.


Order Processing

Fast and accurate, the Order Processing function allows your winery to manage all wholesale order activities, including pricing of products sold at the wholesale level, creating and processing orders, including pick tickets, bills of landing, invoicing and shipping.

Case Goods Inventory

Your winery can keep track of multiple bonded wineries or warehouse locations, volumes in gallons or liters, inventory stated in cases and bottles, inventory by lot (bottling date), full transaction history, extensive stock status and activity reporting, and compliance reporting.

Sales Reporting

Get up close and personal with every aspect of your wine sales. This feature will share with you unlimited sales history and reports; fast and easy online inquiry; additional reporting tools for sales analysis; complete allocation history managed by product, customer and sales rep; monthly depletion and inventory by customer, product and year; two sets of forecasts/goals by customer, product and year; report forecast vs. actual sales and depletions; and profit analysis.

Accounts Receivable

Wine may be your passion, but trying to keep an accurate account of the finances may not. This feature does the heavy lifting with extensive on-line inquiries, credit limits by customer, flexible terms by customer, user-defined customer account types, open item accounts receivables, detailed or summary aging report, customer statements and late charges, and a general ledger accounting interface.

Email Distribution

The Email Distribution (ED) System provides improvements in communications with your customers and sales force, as well as great labor and cost savings for your staff. ED will generate automated emails of key documents (in PDF form) to the exact appropriate audience and with the right words. You will be able to send Order Confirmations to the Purchasing departments of your distributor customers; Invoices and statements to the AP departments; credits to the AR departments. You can also set up your salespeople or others in your staff to receive these emails. For each type of recipient you create the standard text of the email. By scheduling when the emails occur, you can send by sending emails at any appropriate time for your company (several times a day, once a day, etc.). The savings in postage alone could make this service pay for itself. More importantly you will keep your customers and sales staff in synch with your operation.


  • Wholesale Order Processing
  • Full Transaction History
  • Open Item Account Receivables
  • Unlimited Sales History and Reports
  • Extensive Stock Status and Activity Reports
  • Credit Limits and Flexible Terms by Customer
  • Interfaces with Financial, Compliance and e-Commerce Applications
  • Complete Allocation History
  • Extensive Online Inquiries
  • Compliance Reports
  • Detailed or Summary Aging Report
  • Sales and Profit Analyses
  • Monthly Depletion and Inventory by Customer, Product and Year

The WiMS Suite

Together Consumer Direct/POS Management & Sales Management offer an extensive system that captures all the sales of a winery across all sales channels: wholesale, direct to retail and consumer sales via clubs, e-commerce, POS, etc. Streamlined, efficient and comprehensive, this suite provides a single inventory and financial control system.