WiMS Consumer Direct & POS

Intelligent, Integrated DTC Solution

More and more, in this landscape of consolidation, wineries are relying upon consumer direct and point-of-sale to increase profitability and brand awareness. At Orion Wine Software, we are proud to showcase WiMS Consumer Direct/POS Management, which offers across-the-board functions in these key areas. A complete retail solution, this robust business application supports all types of consumer orders and includes the following comprehensive features:


Consumer Direct

Use Consumer Direct as the central repository for all your retail sales activity: club, POS, e-commerce, telemarketing and customer list offerings. Consumer histories, no matter where a customer buys your wine – via a club, website, tasting room, etc. – are compiled in Consumer Direct.

*Event Processing: Efficiently processes orders, from order build, to credit card authorization, to order fulfillment.

*List Management:  Query the retail sales database and build lists of customers based on purchasing history, home addresses or other customer attributes. Your marketing team will appreciate the nimbleness of this function when creativity matters most.

Winery Point-Of-Sale

Designated for the winery tasting room and wine bar, Point-of-Sale includes many winery features, is location independent, and includes highly flexible fulfillment.

Using Winery Point-Of-Sale with Consumer Direct provides your winery with a complete Point-Of-Sale solution and a back office with features like Wine Club Management, Customer List Management, Accounting and Inventory Control, and much more. Your winery will be able to manage high volumes of orders while delivering the highest quality customer service.


►Central Repository for Retail Sales

►Complete Consumer History

►Event Processing

►Credit Card Authorization

►Customer List Management

►Interfaces with diverse Third-Party Shippers and Order Fulfillment Companies

►Highly Flexible Fulfillment

►Wine Club Management


►Inventory Control

►Location Independent

The WiMS Suite

Together Consumer Direct/POS Management & Sales Management offer an extensive system that captures all the sales of a winery across all sales channels: wholesale, direct to retail and consumer sales via clubs, e-commerce, POS, etc. Streamlined, efficient and comprehensive, this suite provides a single inventory and financial control system.