Enterprise Scale Wine Production Management

“I enjoy the confidence that WiPS provides.
I know that once I have entered the data into WiPS, I will be able to easily retrieve it and work with it whenever I want in an efficient manner with accuracy and precision, allowing me to relax and focus on the creative aspects of winemaking.”

JOE SHIRLEY, Director of Winemaking
Trinchero Family Wine Estates

Orion understands that your enterprise-size winery needs to effectively manage and track production across brands, plants and even wine-growing regions. WiPS meets those needs by providing a multi-plant, multi-brand database framework that supports a broad range of tightly integrated, feature-rich functionalities each driven by table-based, user-defined business rules.


Grape Intake and Planning

Starting with Grower Block tonnage estimates and Grape Field Sample results, the Grape Intake Planning and Receipt module gives you all the tools you need to plan the grape intake from company-owned and outside vineyards by date and time. Schedule every detail of the day’s activities including picking times, haulage details and crush stream. At the Weigh Scale site record every detail of each load, including bins, and print all required forms and certificates. Monitor this plan in real time as the trucks arrive at your weighbridge and dump their loads. Or you can manually enter Grape Weigh Tags for remote sites after the fact. Manage grape receipts for validation and passage into winemaking. Drain and press operations record yield and capture initial cost based on grape pricing. This function provides comprehensive reporting of all aspects of harvest activities and results.

Grower Payment

Grower Payment calculates penalties/bonuses, fees and allowances with the flexibility to determine when and to whom grower payments are made and under what terms and conditions.

Winemaking Decision Support

Winemaking Decision Support gives you the ability to view, analyze and plan all winemaking and cellar activities that occur from the receipt of fruit to final bottling of finished goods. This ability is delivered through a range of spreadsheet friendly functions. WiPS keeps in mind that materials (must, juice, wine and concentrate) may be stored at and moved between multiple plants and may represent multiple brands, intended use and ownerships.

Intended Use and Trial Blend

A core feature of WiPS, Intended Use is a dynamic method to manage your entire process from vineyard to bottling. By indicating at the Grower Block level the anticipated usage of the fruit in the final wine, inventory tracking, blending and costing are integrated into an effective management tool. WiPS powerful Trial Blend function accurately calculates every aspect of the proposed final blend including cost. Wine not yet received into active inventory (planned purchases) may be included in Trial Blend.

Wine tracking and Work Order

In addition to the ability to enter completed work orders after the fact, WiPS allows Winemakers to define operational templates that drive the generation (creation) of detailed cellar work orders containing explicit detail with regard to tanks, barrels and additives, that enforce consistency and eliminate vessel conflicts. These templates may be segmented for printing sequence and update dependencies.

Laboratory Analysis

Analysis results may be linked to the correct vessel and blend lot even after the material has left the vessel. Analysis data produced by analytical machines e.g. FossWinescan or generated by LIMS applications may be automatically streamed into WiPS to eliminate duplicate data entry and error.

Dry Goods

Allows the tracking of additive and cleaning material inventory levels, puchases and usage by lot. You may transfer Dry Goods between Plants and easily access traceability records for FDA compliance.

Barrel Management

Purchased barrel groups have facts and attributes that reflect country, forest, year and cooper. To provide a complete oak profile of the wine, this data is held at the individual barrel and is passed on to the wines that are stored in these barrels. Operational efficiencies are achieved by locating every single barrel into warehouse, row, stack and level by the use of barcode scanning technology.

Cost Accounting

The main cost element of wine is the grape cost, captured at receipt and subsequently adjusted as grape contracts are processed for a final calculated cost. Other costs, all user defined, may be added through allocation or work order activity. Open period controls and comprehensive reports provide a complete bulk wine valuation and reconciliation.

Government Compliance

WiPS facilitates compliance with TTB, FDA and State Department of Agriculture regulations. It supports the classification and reporting of wines by tax class, varietal composition and appellation. It will help you keep an accurate account of dry goods lot tracking, usage and traceability so you can confidently respond in the event of a product recall or quarantine.

Contracts for Grape and Bulk Sales

Demand for and surpluses of all materials involved in the winemaking process—including grapes, juice, concentrate, bulk wine and high proof—are shown against the backdrop of your standing inventory. Use this module to plan contracts, commit inventory, record samples and shipments to stay on top of all aspects of sales and purchases.

Package Goods

Provides for the integration of bottling transactions with a Packaged Goods inventory to deplete both bulk wine and packaging supplies inventory (glass, labels, closures etc.) as reflected by a single level Bill of Material associated with the finished goods SKU. At time of bottling, costs are captured based upon usage of bulk wine and packaging supplies (including waste) attributed to the finished goods SKU.

WiPS also offers the following additional modules

Document and Image Management

All types of documents and images—handwritten, photographs, signed contracts, invoices etc.—can be stored and retrieved against grower blocks and contracts to make your administrators more efficient, even when they are out of the office and cannot access those hardcopy files.

Multi-Company Support

Business entities may take different legal forms (e.g. S Corp, Partnerships, Trusts, LLC, etc.) and a range of business integration models involving multiple companies within complex enterprise wineries. To handle this, WiPS supports full multiple-ownership scenarios enabling material inventories and transactions to reflect ownership by different legal entities with the ability to report each separately.

Web Query for WiPS

A full-function, web-based query and reporting tool based on Information Builder’s Web Focus is available on IBM’s System i. To take advantage of this Orion provides a comprehensive set of data-views of the WiPS database and a pre-built report set to enable users to extract, display and print information to suit their specific business needs.

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