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The Challenge

  • Your managers can never get a complete view of sales from your various channels; you need to easily see all of your DTC sales in one place, whether they come from the tasting room, wine club, online or over the phone.

  • You have seasonal and part-time staff, they are great people but they don’t have time to learn a complex system; you need a solution that is user-friendly and easy to learn and teach.

  • Your back office is going crazy because inventory is always inaccurate; you need a single source of truth so you can easily and quickly identify product supply issues.

The Solution

WiMS Consumer Direct, with integrated POS, Wine Club and eCommerce is the solution.

Manage credit card authorizations, correct tax percentages, fulfilment from different warehouses and storage, and keep everything updated in inventory as well as accounts receivables.

Finally, you can manage all DTC sales with one system! Request a demo today!

WiMS Consumer Direct

Learn more about our integrated solution can solve your data entry nightmares and improve your connection to consumers.

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WiMS Consumer Direct