The Industry Leader

Orion has been designing, delivering, and supporting winery specific applications for more than 30 years. As a long-term strategic partner in the industry, we have a deep understanding of your business and your needs.
Our customers are prominent medium- and enterprise-scale wineries, including forward-thinking operations like Ridge Vineyards, Pernod Ricard, and K Vintners. We are proud to work hand-in-hand with them to deliver cutting-edge solutions that are integral to their growth and success.
With a market cap of over $8 billion USD, our parent company, Constellation Software (CSI), is a trailblazer in acquiring and growing small vertical software companies. CSI provides Orion with a solid foundation to further serve our customers’ evolving requirements for the next 30 years and beyond.

Ridge Vineyards has been working with Orion Wine Software for over 27 years. With experience in both the tech and wine worlds, I understand the importance of finding the right solutions to power our business. That is why we are investing in Orion and Salesforce. Our great team is spread between multiple tasting rooms, wineries and warehouses. The collaboration, automation and integration features of the platform are crucial to us as we strive to produce exceptional single vineyard wines and share our story with consumers. We look forward to our continued partnership with Orion.
Mark Vernon, President & COO Ridge Vineyards
  • 1980 WiPS

    The first bulk tracking and production management solution custom built for wineries. 47 years of winery management know how.
  • 1992 WiMS

    The first Microsoft Windows based wine specific application. Leading the way in case goods, wholesale and DTC management.
  • 1993 Blend

    The ideal solution for small to medium size winery production management.
  • 2007 & 2008

    Constellation Software acquires WiPS, WiMS & Blend, creating Orion Wine Software as the leader in winery enterprise management.
  • 2017 Orion Cloud Suite

    Orion Wholesale launches as the first tranche in Orion’s true cloud based winery ERP.


At Orion, we spend a lot of time obsessing over technology and how it can improve our customers’ operations and foster growth. That is why we have been the leader in creating robust solutions for wineries. Our applications, Blend, WiMS, DarWine, and WiPS, form a complete management suite from vineyard to consumer. We developed the first Windows-based applications for wineries and the first integrated POS, and we have led in DTC solutions.
We are now ready to launch the next evolution of our applications. Over the last few years, we’ve listened to our customers, researched the leading platforms, and have invested significantly in expanding our engineering team to build a revolutionary set of solutions for the modern winery. Built on top of Salesforce, the world’s foremost cloud based enterprise application platform, our Orion Cloud ERP, comprised of Production, Inventory, Wholesale, and DTC, offers an unrivaled springboard to launch your winery to the next level.
With our applications, you will be able to connect your teams, automate your processes, and work with your critical business data in entirely new ways—from anywhere in the world. We are excited to combine our deep understanding of the wine industry with the amazing capabilities of the Salesforce platform.


Mobile & Collaboration

What is a typical day for your employees? Meetings, emails, texts, updating documents, entering orders, taking calls, digging for the right data? How much time is wasted with the systemic inefficiencies in your current tools? Surveys show that by leveraging the dynamic and deep collaboration features built into our platform, customers realize dramatic increases in productivity. These savings translate into time that can be better spent focused on your core business: making the best wine, selling more cases, and telling your story.

With Orion’s suite, you will be able to privately collaborate with your entire organization around your critical winery information: lots, customers, orders, invoices, allocations, and more. And all of this will be available wherever your team is, on whichever device. With our true-mobile solutions for iOS and Android, your users will be able to connect with your data and each other as easily as opening an app.

Average Collaboration Metrics Achieved

improvement in finding information and expertise quickly

increase in employee connections

improvement in employee productivity

increase in employee engagement

increase in employee satisfaction

increase in idea generation

day in the field

Your sales reps are always on the move. On a typical day, using our mobile app, they will be able to review reports and notes before meeting with a distributor. Once in the meeting, they can dig into specific issues. Did an order not ship yet? Use Chatter to quickly check with the back office. After the meeting, they can create detailed notes, share with management, and set up follow-up tasks. Leveraging the world’s leading CRM, they will have the most effective tool available.